Car Accidents


What Should I Do If I’m In A Car Accident?

• For serious collisions involving very serious injuries, call 911 and follow the 911 operators instructions if reasonably possible. If possible and in compliance with law enforcement instructions, don’t move vehicles or seriously injured people if they can safely wait for emergency medical personnel.

• Report all injury symptoms to law enforcement, fire department or other first responders.

• Injuries from car accidents can last a lifetime. Take every accident seriously if an injury is involved no matter how minor you initially believe the injury is.

• It is important to document injuries in medical records by scheduling an ER appointment and seeing a doctor as soon as possible after a collision. Make sure to report all symptoms you have felt since the collision because certain injuries start out feeling minor and then get worse, and some symptoms come and go before they manifest themselves into a serious injury.

• If and when you bring a claim, insurance companies need documentation. If there is a delay between the time of the accident and the time you can document you were having symptoms, they can argue the symptoms/injuries were caused by something other than the accident.

• When a new symptom arises, call and set an appointment and report it to a medical professional as soon as possible and make sure to tell the doctor when you first noticed the symptom.

• People injured in car accidents are entitled to compensation for past and future medical bills, lost wages, out of pocket expenses, pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment, inconvenience and other applicable damages.

(Disclaimer – the above are general suggestions, NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Every situation is unique and specific legal advice can only be given when all facts of a particular accident are known.)

Insurance Companies Will Get Involved and Investigate – What Should You Do?

Insurance companies immediately get involved in car accident cases because they are the ones who usually pay for injuries and damages. First, insurance companies investigate whose fault the accident is. Then they investigate what the injuries and damages are that are related to the accident.

What You Say To Insurance Companies and Others Matters – A Lot

The reason why people often hire accident lawyers early is because, from the time the accident happens forward, what you say and do can greatly affect how much an insurance company will pay you. Immediately after the accident you will be talking to law enforcement, possibly paramedics, doctors, nurses and witnesses. You may even post things on the internet, social media, etc. What you say can affect whether the insurance companies argue that the accident is your fault, the other driver’s fault, mostly your fault, or mostly the other driver’s fault or equally both drivers’ fault. There may be more vehicles involved which complicates things as well.

How Will Medical Treatment and Bills Be Handled

Another reason why people often get an accident lawyer involved early is because they have questions about how their medical bills will get paid. Usually car insurance policies have med pay or personal injury protection coverage that is available to pay for some medical treatment related to the accident. However, its usually not enough and needs to be used in conjunction with health insurance.

Only medical treatment that is related to injuries suffered in the accident will be compensated in any settlement with the at fault driver’s insurance company. Again, anything you have said to an adjuster, investigator or other insurance company person can be used against you in deciding whether an injury or symptom is accepted by the insurance company to be related to the accident. This is another reason why it’s best not to talk to insurance company employees and agents.

What If You Don’t Have Medical Insurance?

Sometimes people don’t have a way to pay for necessary medical care for injuries related to their accident. Sometimes a health insurance company simply doesn’t agree that certain types of treatment are necessary. In those cases, some health care providers are willing to provide care on a lien basis. This means you are able to get the treatment you need, and the medical provider doesn’t get paid until after your case settles. This is a last resort, and most doctors and providers will not work like this.

I’m happy to talk with you and answer your questions about your case with no obligation on your part. I handle injury cases on a contingency basis, which means that, if you want to hire me as your lawyer, I will not be paid unless and until your case is settled or an award is paid. I look forward to talking with you.

(Disclaimer – the above are general suggestions, NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Every situation is unique and specific legal advice can only be given when all facts of a particular accident are known.)

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