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The bulleted list below isn’t specific legal advice but rather just helpful information if you or someone you know is injured either by being bitten by a dog or otherwise by the neglect of a dog owner who fails to control their dog.

  • Make sure to get the name and contact information of the owner. It is best to take a photo of the owner’s driver’s license or other identification.
  • If possible, take photographs of the dog.
  • Remember any identifying characteristics of the dog especially if the owner is not nearby and you don’t know who the owner is.  This is especially important if you can’t get photographs.  Write down everything as soon as you can because memories fade.
  • Call 911 if you are at all concerned that the dog is dangerous or is loose and not under the control of the owner, follow instructions of the dispatcher.
  • Get the names and contact information of any witnesses.  Even if the witness didn’t see the actual bite or accident, they may at least have seen you interacting with the dog owner or they may know who the dog belongs to if you can’t located the owner.
  • Photograph any injuries.  Photograph injuries as they are at the time and take additional photos as the injuries heal over time.
  • Get medical attention for injuries.  If possible, make sure a plastic surgeon is called to close wounds to minimize scarring.
  • Get legal advice as soon as possible if you wish to pursue a legal claim.

What is the Law Concerning Dog Owners Responsibility to Control Their Dogs in Arizona?

In Arizona and many other states, owners of dogs are responsible for their dogs’ actions. If you’ve been bitten, attacked by or otherwise injured by a dog, it’s likely you have a claim for damages against the dog owner.

Dog owners must control their dogs especially when they are out in public.  If a dog bites someone in public, the dog owner is almost always liable.  It’s no excuse if the dog has “never bitten anyone before.”  It’s best to talk to a dog bite lawyer or personal injury lawyer who handles dog bites to have your questions answered.

Dog Bites Aren’t the Only Ways Dogs Can Cause Injuries

Even the friendliest dog can cause an injury if he or she isn’t properly controlled.  If a dog is allowed to run around off leash, the owner is almost always responsible if the dog does any of the following or otherwise causes an injury:

  • Knocks someone over who is walking or standing.
  • Runs in front of a bike rider (cyclist) or motorcycle rider.
  • Runs into a runner or pedestrian.

If the dog owner lets the dog off leash in public, the dog owner is almost always responsible for the dog and its actions.  It’s up to the dog owner whether to violate leash laws or otherwise take chances with allowing their dog to roam.  The dog owner needs to understand that are responsible and may have to pay money damages to anyone hurt by their dog’s actions.

Where Does the Money Come from to Pay for Injuries Caused By Dogs?

The dog owner’s homeowner’s or renter’s policy may exclude certain breeds of dogs, but it is always best to contact a dog bite injury attorney to review the policy to see whether there is coverage.

How Much Is a Dog Bite Worth?

The short answer to this question is that all injuries are different.  The law in Arizona and most other states is that a person who is injured due to a dog bite is entitled to compensation for damages suffered including medical bills, lost income, other out of pocket expenses, pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement (scarring), disability, inconvenience and other economic and non-economic damages.  Not all of these damages apply to every case.

The severity of the injury and whether an injury and resulting scarring or disability is permanent are some factors that can make a difference in how much an injury is worth.  There are many other factors, and the value of a case depends on many considerations.

I’ve been practicing personal injury law and have handled many dog bite cases and cases where otherwise friendly dogs caused severe injuries because they were allowed to run off leash where people were riding bikes, walking and even riding motorcycles.  I’d be happy to answer your questions about your case.  I offer a comprehensive initial consultation during which I hope I can explain the process to you of bringing a dog injury case.

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